Learning Watercolor IV

Learn Watercolor Series Part IV — Color

In this video, you will learn how to work and mix different colors.

The materials used include:

Watercolor paper:

Arches 140lb cold press 100% cotton 9×12 pad http://www.dickblick.com


Modern intense triad: Hansa Yellow light (PY3) or Winsor lemon/yellow (PY154), permanent quinacridone rose (PV19), Phthalo Blue GS (PB15.3) Traditional triad: New gamboge (PY153), Pyrrol red (PR254), French Ultramarine blue (PB29) Muted triad: Yellow ochre (PY42), Indian red (PR101), Manganese Blue hue (Daniel Smith) Daniel Smith Essential set from http://www.amazon.com


Frank Webb http://www.cheapjoes.com


• #16 round Black Velvet from Silver Brush (any of the major online art stores carry this brush)

• #12 Dreamcatcher synthetic from http://www.cheapjoes.com

• #8 round from Yarka 100% siberian squirrel (almost a mop brush)