Beginning Watercolor

Beginning Watercolor

We start with the basics: brush control, water to pigment ratios, mixing color, washes/glazes, lifting out and texture techniques. New projects each week, slowly building on previous lessons experience. Line drawings (for tracing) are offered for those who feel uncomfortable with free hand drawing.


Current session: 8 Fridays,  starting Friday Feb 26th 2021-April 16th @1-4pm (live Zoom classes)

To register:  please send email to 

This class will be geared for the complete beginner who has had little or no experience in watercolor. We will work on a number of skill-building exercises and small paintings, including:

  • Water to pigment ratio (most important concept)
  • Brush control
  • understanding tonal value or grey scale.
  • Color mixing
  • 3 main types of washes
  • 10 main watercolor techniques
  • beginning  3-D form, how light land on simple objects
  • texturing techniques

There will be step-by-step demonstrations each class to help you learn the basic techniques of painting with this vibrant transparent medium.

Each class: 3 hours.   8 classes: $189

(Free video recordings of each session available for about 6 months).



Current sessions (spring): Jan 5th 2021-April 6th 2021, 8 Alternate Tuesdays @ 1-4pm and 6.30-9.30pm

Next sessions (summer): April 30th 2021-June 18th 2021, Every Friday for 8 weeks at 1-4pm

Fundamentals class (advanced beginner) includes review and continuing practice of:

  • brush control.
  • water to pigment ratios,
  • 3 types of washes, glazing,
  • Introducing masking,
  • understanding value to create 3-D form (A small value study created each class)
  • basics of linear and aerial (atmospheric) perspective
  • Painting backgrounds (wet in wet technique)
  • technique techniques

A new project each weekline drawings also provided for drawing or tracing.
Subjects include: flowers, birds, fruit, vegetables, butterflies, fish, mammals, simple landscapes, and seascapes with emphasis on the effect of light.

Please email to register.