Learning Watercolor II

Learn Watercolor Series Part II — Techniques

This video is about many common techniques used in watercolor, including wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, dry-on-dry and dry-on-wet, lifting out/masking and spattering. Materials used are listed below.


The Section on” Dry-on-wet” technique should also have included an example of brush loaded with concentrated paint (almost out of the tube) onto damp paper. This dryish pigment will not travel much on the paper and gives you more control. This was omitted in this video, but will be covered in more detail in future videos

The materials used include:

Watercolor paper:

Arches 140lb cold press 100% cotton 9×12 pad http://www.dickblick.com


Daniel Smith essentials set (http//:www.amazon.com)


Frank Webb http://www.cheapjoes.com


• #16 round Black Velvet from Silver Brush (any of the major online art stores carry this brush)

• 1″ flat brush (Simply Simmons) with CLEAR plastic beveled handle. (AC Moore)

• Level lifter 1/2″ brush (http://www.cheapjoes.com)