Watercolor Workshops

I teach watercolor workshop at irregular intervals throughout the year. They are intense how-to classes focusing on a single subject, for example trees, clouds and so forth. The workshops typically run for about 4 hours, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


Current session: 6 Tuesdays, Mar 19,2024 through Apr 30th 2024 at 1-4pm (no class Apr 23)

This course on color will cover basic color mixing to create tints, tones and shades using 3 primary colors. We will explore color “temperature” and how to know if a color is warm or cool.  We will determine the best way to dull a color and maintain its vibrancy and general luminosity (glow). Interesting pigment characteristics will be demonstrated especially transparency/opacity and granulating/non-granulating. We will create some small paintings using limited palettes to explore your color preferences and evaluate color palettes of some of the masters.

Get in touch with me at or call me at 214-334-6721