Watercolor Study with Limited Color Palette and Pattern

“At the Docks”, Watercolor, 15×22″ on 140lb cold press D’Arches paper.
I painted this watercolor using only primaries, thalo/indrathene blue, Winsor red and quinacridone gold. No green, orange or purples were used. They were mixed from the primary colors, or created by glazing one color over another. Winsor red and thalo blue do not make vibrant purples…a more muted reddish brown purple is created because thalo blue contains a lot of green (the complement of red), ergo  a duller purple.
A geometric design with an organic (curvilinear) overlay, with dominance in horizontal lines and rectangular shapes was used.  I employed the “Artists Good Shape” where the main shape (lighter values) is longer than it is wide, touches at least 3 sides of the paper and has interesting, interlocking edges. (As described by Jo Taylor in her book “Watercolor Wisdom”, I took design classes with Jo too!). For contrast, I added passages with pattern (spots, letters, and numbers).
There are probably 10 glazes on some passages and patterns were lifted out with a Cheap Joe’s “Level Lifter”.

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