Watercolor study: Comparing Several Similar Hues

Color glazing grid with lift out ability (oak leaf)

Exploring new watercolors (from Daniel Smith Primatek line) for my palette that lift off the paper easily.
Especially…I wanted to compare Primatek Rhodonite (Daniel Smith) with permanent rose (Daniel Smith) and Primatek Diopside (Daniel Smith) with Thalo Green and Ultramarine turquoise (DS)

Order of colors in grid
1. Lemon Yellow (Holbein)
2. New Gamboge (WinsorNewton)
3. Winsor Orange
4.  Perinione Orange (MaimeriBlu)
5. Pyrrol Orange (Daniel Smith)
6. Rhodonite (Daniel Smith)
7. Perm Rose (Daniel Smith)
8. Ultramarine Turquoise (Daniel Smith
9. Thalo Green (Da Vinci)
10.Winsor Blue

Method: each of the colors studied were glazed one column at a time, first vertically then repeated horizontally. The squares with the oak leaf represent 2 glazes of the same color and the oak leaf is a lift out with pure water and a soft toothbrush scrubbed for 7 secs and blotted with paper towel.

What I learned from this study
(DS)=Daniel Smith

1.  Rhodonite (DS) is cooler (leaning to the blue) than Permanent Rose, but still fairly similar in hue. I wouldn’t have both on my palette.
2.  Rhodonite (DS) lifts more easily, leaving a whiter paper (Oak leaf) when scrubbed a toothbrush and water and is clearly much less staining than permanent rose. Perfect for me!
3.  Although Rhodonite (DS) is a mineral pigment ground from rocks, its concentration in the binder was good and laid down nicely. It did appear to granulate just a little on my Jack Richardson cold press paper)
4. Diopside watercolor is much more yellow than I had hoped. It is not a substitute for Thalo green (or even Thalo green -yellow shadeYS). However, it did lift better than the thalo green.
5. I think diopside would be perfect for exploring beautiful glowing rich greens…..subject of another study! It may have a place on my palette yet!
5.  I had already been substituting Ultramarine turquoise (DS) for thalo green and quite like this because the color is not so intense/concentrated. Staining thalo green can dominate a mix very quickly! Ultramarine Turquoise contains less thalo green and a little thalo blue and is wonderful for mixing rich deep darks and luminous greys.

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