“Watercolor Pour” Painting technique continued…..

This watercolor began its life as a pour. I used the hexagonal rubber entry mat from Home Depot to create the texture on the horses rear! I found a hexagon stencil which was smaller in hexagon size (for repetition with variation) and the smallest shapes were circles….sequin waste, but a hole-punched pieces of plastic would do. I placed the objects into the wet washes only towards the edges of the paper, leaving a clear middle piece (less it would be too busy with pattern all over it). I had carved my own stamps out of a carving block from Michael’s and laid this over the wet wash (horse’s mane area, top middle and bottom left). Design note: 3 repeats of small, medium and large pattern gives unity to your paintings. I lifted out the horse’s head area as it was too dark. I gently scrubbed with just water using a toothbrush. When dry I delineated the horse and fence with glazes (thin washes) of color.
“Frolicking” 15×22″ Available. This one won an award in several shows!

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