Watercolor Monotype Demo at Rhode Island Watercolor Society by Richard Harrington.

Richard Harrington Demo

Richard Harrington, March 3rd 2013

Richard Harrington gave a wonderful demo on the process of producing a monotype on BF Rives or Stonehenge printing paper.
Using thick freshly squeezed watercolors, he applied them with as little water as possible to an 7×8″ piece of regular plexiglas (called a “plate”that had the sides beveled with a file, so it didn’t rip the printing paper). He painted a sunflower and edited his painting on the plexi plate with Q-tips, cut pieces of credit card and tissue. The Plate needed to dry (25 Mins), but he had another one already “cooked” and dry! 
Printing from the press
His printing paper had been soaking in water for 15 mins, he took it dripping wet to a large bath towel and blotted it. Smoothing it with his hands. He placed the painted plate onto the print press face-up. The now damp print paper was placed over the plate and then a piece of newsprint, followed by a faux shammy and 2 thick pieces of felt. He rolled it through the press in one smooth action and peeled off the paper to see the first “pull”. Everyone’s Ooo’s and ahhh’s made him smile from ear to ear! The sunflower print was vibrant and ready to be dried (between foam core with books stacked onto top for one week, then it can be framed).
The “plate” still had a lot of watercolor paint still adhered to it. So made another print onto damp, hot press watercolor paper….this pull is called a “ghost”. He increased the amount of pressure the press could exert for a better ghost print. The ghost was printed on watercolor paper because the monotype can be easily touched up with more watercolor paint, especially if it is pale. The plate was then almost clean and no more monoprints could be pulled.
Richard Harrington is offering a 2 day workshop, RIWS, Pautucket RI, April 26th and 27th 2013
see  www.riwsgallery.wix.com  for details.

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