Taking an Online Expressionistic Abstract Workshop with Robert Joyner.

Tern Hovering by Sally Meding, 15×22″ for expressionistic class online

Tern Hovering (15×22″, Watercolor pencils/crayons, watercolor).

This is my first online workshop: “Abstract Expressionistic painting with mixed media” (strathmoreartiststudio.com)…..I thought I had all the materials, Oops! Supposed to use Strathmore mixed media paper 90lb, I used 140lb hot press watercolor paper instead. I watched the interesting 13 min video about his painterly techniques and a demo of his first project. Robert Joyner painted a cow, I didn’t have any cow photos handy but I had lots of bird pictures…..He painted on an easel, which causes the drips to run down the paper. I followed suit and like the drip lines. It took me only 20 mins to paint this, whereas my usual painting style takes days…..Hmmmm, food for thought! Next time I will pre-paint the background. Maybe a few light watercolor washes.
Here is the link to this workshop website:  It’s free!

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