Painting outside your normal style helps improve your art skills!

“Country Path” 4×6″ watercolor by Sally

Having fun painting many abstracts (or semi-abstracts) in intense hues! Makes using value more difficult but I enjoy the challenge! This was painted right from my head.
I was thinking of Italian countryside (Tuscan) with the lollipop Italian cypress evergreens.
It has been a while since I painted realism so I decided to practice……

see below!

4×6″ Pansies” watercolor “work in progress”

“Work in progress” of Pansies, blooming here in Massachusetts currently.
Checking that I can still see value (in real life) I have a “work in progress” of realism!…..These pansies were in the kitchen of my art group meeting! I painted from life (not a photograph) and picked the best 3 different pansies for my composition!

  • Not happy with bottom pansy….it was starting to fade, I should have picked a better one! 
  • Values in the green leaves still need work!
  • No shadows yet!
  • I still prefer painting semi-abstracts!

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