I won 3rd place! Prudential Juried Spring Show, Needham, MA

Sun Goddess by Sally Meding Watercolor 30×22″

3rd Prize,  Juror, Roger Hankins wrote some very nice comments about my watercolor:

Wonderful watercolor painting, a very playful and buoyant image. The blending of realism and more geometric pattern and abstraction was nicely subtle but still quite apparent. The “designs” seemed to be almost reflections on one hand and on the other, a part of the plant, which made for a lot of pleasure to look at. The combination of dry brush and wet-on-wet pigment had a light touch which rarely became cloudy or murky, a skillful thing to pull off. I also like the boldness of the scale of the watercolor painting, having it that large really allowed the artist to show off their skill at handling the media. Well done!”

The exhibition is through April 30th,
prudential Advantage Real Estate, 1089 Great Plain Av,
Needham, MA

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