Editing a Watercolor “pour” Painting.

Whole Pour “Start”-unedited

Crop 1 (area in white mat)
Crop 2 (Bottom right part of whole pour)

Often, a watercolor “pour” beginning or “start” can seem overly busy and daunting to sort out the design, especially if no white paper was reserved during the ‘pour’ process. 

One of the easiest tools for editing is to use a view finder (or in this case a 16×20″ mat). Moving it around over the whole pour “start”, it is possible to locate the best and most yummy parts for a painting! Crop 1 is the area inside the white mat on the whole “pour”-I rotated it as I prefer that format. Crop 1 needs minimal editing. All the warm sienna colors make it look like sandstone-maybe a reflection in a canyon pool? (Click on it to see it larger). However, Crop 2 needs a lot more work to make it a successful little painting. It has good “bones”, that is there are light, medium and dark areas (Value scale) although, the light areas are small. The colors are complementary, and currently 50% of either sienna or blue. One color has to predominate…..
I will focus on Crop 2 and how to make it successful. See next blog for more details.

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