Creating a Series in Watercolor

“Perfect Day” watercolor collage 11×14″
“Exhilaration” watercolor with collage on
 embossed hand-made paper 11×14″

“Harbor Bay” watercolor with collage 11×14″

“Peaceful” watercolor with collage 11×14

 Creating a series is easy, there just has to be a common thread throughout the different art pieces. In this case, it was a “Sea theme, either sail boats or undersea view. All works are the same size, 11×14”, and matted with the same museum board-forming a shadow box kind of effect. I am currently investigating a frame that would work for all of them. My first choice would be natural maple, but cost may change my mind!
Some of my smaller pieces belong in pairs or triplets and I name them accordingly.

“The Journey” watercolor/mixed media 11×14

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