Creating a “Pour Painting” in Watercolor.

Created this painting by doing a “pour”, where objects (such as torn wax paper, cling-film, keys, stencils, lids from bottles, anything handy that will leave a good pattern) are laid into washes while they are wet. More pigment can be “poured” over the objects in place to enhance the effect. The pigments flow around, and are trapped under the objects creating an outline. They are left in place until the paper is completely dry. Then it is fun to peel off the objects and see what wonderful patterns they have created underneath. (My favorite part!)
The patterns revealed often suggest what the painting should become. Clearly this was a landscape with rocks! I then enhanced it by adding washes, more texture (such as splatter) and a sun was added. There is even gold watercolor (Daniel Smith) in the middle ground.
“Ireland’s coastline Remembered” Watercolor 12×15″.
Note: Click on painting to see it larger and observe the pour patterns

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