Abstract Watercolor “Pour” Painting

I laid almost every texture I own into juicy wet washes to produce this abstract piece! I placed each texture section in a radial pattern, originating from the “earth” in the center. (I had a stencil of earth, that I got at an educational teachers store). Click on painting to see “earth” larger. I was thinking “big bang” theory when I developed this. Again the hexagon floor mat from Home Depot was used (as it is rubber it holds the pigment in the little “wells”) and the pattern is striking. I used mostly a neutral/greyed palette and almost no editing was required afterwards. I peeled off the textures when they were dry and viola….this is what emerged. This was serendipitous, usually pours aren’t complete in one sitting! I will show you how I edit them in the next post!
“Birth of Earth” 30×22″ Watercolor on 140 paper. Available.

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