Painting “En Plein Aire” in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

“Amaryllis”, watercolor 11×14, one of my favorites-sold this weekend while painting en plein aire at Rhode Island Watercolor Society at Slater Park, Pawtucket!

I used Winsor/Newton permanent red wet-into-wet for the edges of the petals as this pigment explodes on the paper and leaves beautiful soft edges!

I grew this triple-flower amaryllis, it bloomed for a long time and begged to be painted!

Vibrant Day lilies inspired a watercolor for Robbin

Day lily for Robbin, 9×12″ cropped to 8×8″ watercolor
by Sally Meding

Just finished this small watercolor that sold before it was half way completed!

The lady who bought me the beautiful flowers (from her garden) to paint wants it for her living room. 
My neighbors daughter was over and we had fun all painting different views of the vase! The day-lilies were very inspiring!