My Watercolor for Massachusetts Horticultural Society (Elm Bank) Exhibition, Wellesley, MA

“Romantic Elm Bank” Watercolor 15×22″
by Sally Meding

Beautiful 182 acre grounds at Elm Bank, Wellesley, MA are perfect for the plein aire artist!

I enjoyed roaming this area to find the sweetest spot to capture the essence of this gorgeous place.

I did not follow the local colors, but enjoyed playing with a pastel palette to create a fairytale romantic mood, as many weddings are held in this serene location.
The giant bonsai weeping spruce with its twisty shape caught my attention immediately!

Join us for Massachusetts Horticultural Society (Elm Bank) Exhibition of local watercolor paintings depicting scenes from around the gardens on Sept 22nd 8.30am-6pm. (900 Washington St, Wellesley, MA)

Sold! and a requested commission to go with it!

“Sugar Maples in Morning mist”
watercolor, 15×22″ by
Sally Meding

SOLD! “Morning mist” 15×22″ (Image size) watercolor. Buyer would like a companion to go with it, so I am working on that commission after I finish my current piece!

I loved creating this watercolor, lots of wet-into-wet technique, with spatter, rock salt crystals and stippling!

My Abstract versus Realistic Watercolors Were equally Popular on the boardwalk!

Boat for Melisa, watercolor 11×14″
by Sally Meding

During my demo, I sold small 11×14″ matted watercolors on the boardwalk at Marina Bay, Quincy, MA, (just south of Boston).

Interestingly, abstract was just as popular as the realistic images!

These are some of the pieces that I photographed recently! Forgot to photo the latest ones! Oops!   Scroll to see the abstract photos below.

It was a glorious day, about 75F and lots of people were having lunch/dinner overlooking the yachts and power boats. I had dinner there watching the sun go down!

Irish ¬†Lighthouse, watercolor, 11×14″
by Sally Meding
“Delicious” watercolor 11×14″
by Sally Meding
High Tide watercolor
11×14″ by Sally Meding