Painting outside your normal style helps improve your art skills!

“Country Path” 4×6″ watercolor by Sally

Having fun painting many abstracts (or semi-abstracts) in intense hues! Makes using value more difficult but I enjoy the challenge! This was painted right from my head.
I was thinking of Italian countryside (Tuscan) with the lollipop Italian cypress evergreens.
It has been a while since I painted realism so I decided to practice……

see below!

4×6″ Pansies” watercolor “work in progress”

“Work in progress” of Pansies, blooming here in Massachusetts currently.
Checking that I can still see value (in real life) I have a “work in progress” of realism!…..These pansies were in the kitchen of my art group meeting! I painted from life (not a photograph) and picked the best 3 different pansies for my composition!

  • Not happy with bottom pansy….it was starting to fade, I should have picked a better one! 
  • Values in the green leaves still need work!
  • No shadows yet!
  • I still prefer painting semi-abstracts!

Creating a Series in Watercolor

“Perfect Day” watercolor collage 11×14″
“Exhilaration” watercolor with collage on
 embossed hand-made paper 11×14″

“Harbor Bay” watercolor with collage 11×14″

“Peaceful” watercolor with collage 11×14

 Creating a series is easy, there just has to be a common thread throughout the different art pieces. In this case, it was a “Sea theme, either sail boats or undersea view. All works are the same size, 11×14”, and matted with the same museum board-forming a shadow box kind of effect. I am currently investigating a frame that would work for all of them. My first choice would be natural maple, but cost may change my mind!
Some of my smaller pieces belong in pairs or triplets and I name them accordingly.

“The Journey” watercolor/mixed media 11×14

Accepted at Clever Hand Gallery in Wellesley, MA!

My 11×14″ watercolors (matted) and art-cards were accepted by the Clever Hand Gallery! They have 34 pieces and hopefully they will be popular. Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Graduation cards are available. Here is a sample of one of my small artworks. The Gallery is located at 52 Central Street, Wellesley, MA. It was founded in 1973 and is one of the oldest artisan cooperatives in New England. Everything that they sell is locally made.

My Artwork interpreted in Flowers by Joan Clipstone!

Another view of the “Morning Commute” by Sally meding
interpreted in flowers by Joan Clipstone.

15 selected art-works from Wellesley Society of Artists, Spring Exhibition at the Wellesley Community Center, Wellesley, MA were chosen by floral arrangers from Wellesley Garden Club for interpretation in flowers. This event on May 4th 2013 was called “Art in Bloom” and the arrangements were then auctioned.
  My art piece “Morning Commute” (on leftside in above picture) was chosen for interpretation by Joan Clipstone. Thank you, Joan, I love it!

“Morning Commute” by Sally Meding was interpreted in Flowers
by Joan Clipstone of Wellesley Garden Club.