Joined a figure drawing group!

I just joined a figure drawing group right here in my home town! I am enjoying abstracting figures in my artwork and hopefully I will become better at anatomy, improve my drawing skills and meet some new like-minded artists. The artists in class use pastel, charcoal, oil and colored pencil to create their vision of the clothed model. Above are some of my abstract/impressionistic acrylic/mixed-media created  while I lived in TX. See last 2 posts for watercolor figures. More figures to follow……
Right: “Heart Aflame” 24x48x2″ (Sold)   Left:”Lady in Red” 12x12x2″ (Sold)  Below: “Mystique” 14x14x2″ (Sold).

“Dolphin Triumph”


“Dolphin Triumph” 12x12x2″ on textural mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. Painted this after watching the movie about a Dolphin stranded on a beach with rope around its tail fluke. He later lost his tail to infection and a young boy helped find him a prosthesis. Cute story and I believe it’s based on fact. This is my impression of him swimming again after they found a comfortable appliance for him.

Design: complementary palette, blue/blue grey against burnt orange. Oblique direction and value pattern is “a piece of darker value against a light”. Available.

“Smokin’ Hot!”

(Watercolor and gouache 22″x30″).
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! No hearts in this picture, but there is a nice glass of Merlot! (It actually is merlot red in color but not in this pic!). Complemetary palette, oblique direction and value pattern is “A piece of light value against dark”.
I was painting to music and a few music notes slipped in the picture! Can you find all 3?

“Elephants on Patrol” (Watercolor on paper 45″x20″).
Finally finished this Triptych……I wasn’t happy with the color harmony before, now it works a little better! I chose a double split complementary palette of Yellow/Orange against Blue and Blue/Green with Red/Violet and Violet. I use the Johannes Itten’s color star (as modified by Jane E Jones). The bull elephant is too dark in this picture? I think I still need to tweak!
The design is X-ray effect (where you can see the clouds and trees trunks through the elephants) with dominant oblique direction.

I had fun with this one! The watercolor started out as a squiggle….it evolved into an abstract figure inspired by Cirque De Soleil, that I saw on Tv while in England. I think it has a marionette feel. Any thoughts? No title as of yet, any suggestions? I was using a restricted color palette of blue, blue/green against near complement burnt orange, orange/yellow with a little surprise color of pale purple on the figures pants. Design was straight lines dominating curved ones. The letters by figures right hand say Cirque with the R backwards. 

Latest watercolor. Full sheet-30″X22″. I called it “Oblique Thought”…..need to rephoto as the contrast is off. Still needs a little tweaking, the right elbow is way to butch! Not sure if figure is grounded enough, as it looks a little levitated. Any thoughts?