Remodeling design is art too!

Remodeling of our kitchen is slowly getting there. Changed designs many times! We removed a 1/2 wall, installed recessed lighting and added bar area. Hubby built ALL cabinetry from scratch with 3/4″ birch plywood and I painted it white. Cool Colonial details on cupboard edges. Granite to follow. Light over bar and new radiators to follow. New tile on floor needed…and the list goes on! ¬†Weekend warriors for the last 8 months! Before, this was a blank wall with a table in front of it!

Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Painting

I painted this little 12x12x2″ acrylic painting for the people of Sandy Hook who are hurting so badly after the senseless shooting of 27 elementary children and staff. My heart goes out to you. The little candle represents vigil, the red line (top right) represents the gunfire, the figure symbolizes walking into the dark unknown future. Rest in Peace little ones!

Winter Exhibit at the Prudential. I won 3rd place!

I entered “Waiting for the Ride”in the Winter Exhibition at the Prudential (with Needham Art Association) and won 3rd place! (No categories). The jurors up here always provide some written feed-back which is much appreciated. The juror for this show was David Lang. I realize that horses, as a subject, are as popular up here as they were in TX! A number of people asked me about my creative process which I was happy to share!!