Sugar maples are beautiful in fall.

This is me trying out a softer more impressionistic style of watercolor. Wet into wet technique with stipple brush, spatter,  spritz bottle and rock salt. I loved watching the pigments oozle (blossom) all over the paper! I wanted to get a feel of a misty autumn morning. This is a half sheet. 

I love the trees up here I have to paint some more…..

Salem photo ops for painting!

Marblehead, MA is gorgeous. I want to paint this view! It was a perfect day 62F with barely a cloud in the sky, together with Mary Treadwell and some of her wonderful friends (who were also artists) from Salem and Rockport.

    8x10ft Bait shop at the Willows Park in Marblehead. I busy little spot in the summer and quite a few visitors on this trip mid November. We could even see the silhouette of Boston in the far distance. 
Mary called these boats frost biters. They were racing around 2 buoys in the middle of the bay. There was a good wind and they were moving pretty fast, they looked alive on the water!

Back Painting Again!

Hi Everyone,
I am back painting again! 18 months hiatus remodelling house in Natick, 18 miles from centre of Boston. It is still not finished, but I am getting bored of painting cabinets and walls!)
 Just figuring out how to bring all my resources to this blog. Data scattered over 3 computers and 2 different cameras. I hope I havent lost anything en route to New England.