My new minimalist “Bib” necklaces

Bib necklaces are usually huge and of course Bib-like……up here in New England, “less is more” appears to be more popular. I scaled down my previous necklaces to see if they have enough presence.
I am about to make some red coral ones for Christmas together with garnets and  sterling silver accents. Please let me know what you think. Thx.

I can’t look at this painting without thinking of Steve Duncan who plays the guitar beautifully in Allen TX. He always used to play one of my favorite songs “I got you” by INXS whenever I was around. That made me feel so special. Can you see the imprint of the puzzle piece in the texture? SOLD

Malachite Falls

Creating the texture of the rocks with a vintage hand-crocheted tablecloth and hand forming the texture medium was a blast! Layers of semi-opaque acrylic and spatter added to the 3-D effect. There is so much spray from the falling water that the malachite color underneath looks more like turquoise. This is a piece I wish I had kept for myself, but it was part of a triptych. SOLD

Finally finished the 2 turquoise bracelets

Finished the Turquoise bracelets! Each is one is unique.
A labor of love as each takes 12 plus hours to sew (peyote-style)! I definitely need 1.25 reading glasses to do this! Those size 15 seed beads are so small….one big sneeze and they’re gone! I went through all beads twice for extra security so my needle is hair thickness!
They are stuffed with real turquoise, blue agate, foil-lined beads, blue crystal, blue pearl and quartz plus sterling silver beads with SSilver toggle clasps. They are 7-8″ in length. I hope you like them.

2 Music-themed textured mixed media on canvas

This is some of the latest work I did in TX before we had to put the house on the market and move to New England.

Title: “Baby Grand”. These pieces are really thick with texture and beg to be touched! They are generally small sized on linen gallery-wrap canvas with sides painted black. I had a lot of fun making these. For textures, I used keys, roman numerals, thick fabric…in fact anything that would leave an interesting design behind in the paint and mediums.  SOLD

 Title: “Red Guitar”.     
Learning the guitar….this was what my son was doing while I painted these 2 pieces. The texture is really obvious in this one. Click on it (to make it larger) and see how many different items you can see embedded in the paint. SOLD


This watercolor is mostly teal instead of blue. My camera sucks at taking full color saturated photos. If I lean my screen back it looks more like the piece. I started this piece a long time ago, after a Miles Batt workshop at Artists’ Showplace, Dallas, TX. I thought I’d finish it…..Not sure what I was thinking at the time, but something retro! My son thought it needed a yellow submarine in it. It is similar to another piece I called “Evolution of a mind-bender!” Maybe this is mind-bent II!

Sugar Maples on my street

This is an unedited photo that I want to paint. Middle leaf is obscuring too much background. (I should have plucked it off).
The smaller image is the view behind. The colors were stunning!
I pressed a whole bunch of leaves in my old phone book, but they loose their color…..maybe good shapes for another leaf collage!

My 9 year old neighbor rocks at watercolor!

While looking after Rachel on an early release from school day, we pulled out the watercolors and started to play. Then she googled flowers and printed off a picture she liked. This was what we managed in 2 early release afternoons recently!
The smaller image is the image of “Blue flowers in red vase” by Van Beckum which she wanted to copy exactly (however original image is probably oil or acrylic). The larger image is her watercolor.
She had a great eye for color and mixed all the puddles for glazing by herself.
I showed her how to do lift outs, lay in flat washes, wet-in-wet, using salt for texture and of course glazing.
She picked it up super fast and was eager to learn more! A natural budding artist……she framed it for her mommy!